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Posted by Lewisville High School Tennis on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

* See below under “High School Information” and “Middle School Information” for ALL summer and school year tennis updates.*


1) GO TO : www.LISD.NET/lhs
You will need to Click on ALLBLUEFORMS AND COMPLETE.

You will need to select each form and fill out completely.
These forms are mandotory, through LISD, to be completed if you would like to participate in any sport.


Monday, Aug 3: Our Varsity and JV1 Fall Tennis Schedule is now posted in our Documents. (click media tab, then Documents, then look under 2020 Tennis section).

Monday Aug 3rd Varsity and JV1 Tennis will begin. Players please check your Group Me messages for all updates and practice times each week. Please see our safety rules and expectations, BELOW, before coming to the courts.
Monday Aug 3rd Varsity and JV1 Tennis will begin. Players please check your Group Me messages for all updates and practice times each week. Please see our safety rules and expectations before coming to the courts. A parent meeting will be help before school begins. This will probably be a virtual meeting. More details soon.

You can see all the full handouts for COVID -19 Tennis Practices: Safety Guidelines Handout (Listed below), Covid Consent form, Map to enter/exit facility, and Prescreening Question. Go to the – MEDIA TAB (ABOVE) ; DOCUMENTS; 2020 Tennis section. Please make sure you are prepared with a mask and filled water jug. You will not be able to get water when you arrive.


Check-in at courts process:

• All Players will need to check-in at the “check-in” location (by the concession stand at the LHS Harmon Tennis Courts)
*. All Players must enter the courts through the concession stand gate and exit through the parking lot gate. They will be labeled.
• All players entering the facility be screened by a tennis coach with a touchless thermometer, until Campus/LHS Athletics no longer requires.
• All athletes must come completely dressed to the tennis courts in their proper tennis attire.
• All players entering the facility will need to check-in with the coach at “check-in” location on the attached map (Attendance, Safety Questions and Thermometer Check records will be kept)
• Only coaches will operate no contact thermometers.
• Coaches and players will bring and wear face masks at all times, upon arrival, when not playing tennis. Face masks will not be provided.
Safety Guideline (on and off the courts)
• Social distance yourself at least 6 feet from others at all times (no physical contact including hugging/handshakes/high fives). You may cheer with your voice.
• Players will be informed to avoid touching their face. Players are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer. Hand Sanitizer will be provided on the court, if players do not have their own. Players will be directed to sanitize their hands periodically, as well as on their own.
• Individuals, other than players, will not be allowed inside the tennis area. They must watch from their car in the parking lot in front of the Harmon Tennis Courts.
• Players may not share/touch others rackets or others equipment.
• All players will need to bring their own LABELED water jug filled with water. Water fountains will not be available. They will not be allowed to personally fill water jug at the courts (only coaches with gloves will be able to refill water and only at assigned times).
• Tennis Facility Restrooms- 1 person at a time only. Restrooms will be cleaned each day by LHS Harmon custodians.
• Players not actively participating (off the court) will need to wear their face masks.
• Players will be grouped accordingly into small groups (no more than 6 people per court).
o Use of ball hoppers will be used, instead of hand picking-up balls, to pick up large amounts of balls. One or two people will be assigned to use the labeled hopper, each day. At the end of the day the hoppers and tennis balls will be sanitized by coaches.
• Contact Coach Johnson ahead of time, if you are sick, have a fever, come in contact with someone that has Covid, or are unable to attend practice or matches. Please do not put others at risk.
• All players will need to return home and shower at the end of practice or each event.
• Only Tennis Players and Coaches are allowed in the gated tennis court area. Parents/Friends will need to wait in their car, in the parking lot facing the courts, for tennis players to come to them. This is for everyones safety.

Practice Match-Play
• During match-play, each player will have 3 new balls (1 can). Each player balls will be marked with a different number to verify ownership. Each player is only to touch their labeled balls (ex. serving). Should a ball with the other number wind up on your side of the court, do not touch the ball with your hands. Use your racket head or feet to advance the ball to the other side of the court.
• Maintain social distancing if playing doubles and when changing sides of the court.

Away Matches
• Players will need to social distance on all bus rides and wear a mask at all times on the bus.
• Each player will have his/her own seat and will be spaced out at least 6 feet apart.
• Players will sit in the same spot to and from the event on the bus.
• Players will not be allowed on the bus without a proper face shield.

POSTED JULY 20, 2020:
High School Tennis Tryouts and Middle School Tryouts delayed. Updates on tryouts will be posted at a later date, when known. Please complete you paperwork on line in the mean time. See information above for instructions. Please email me with any questions at – Thanks Coach Johnson
Also, Tennis Facilites are still closed.


POSTED JULY 20, 2020:
Updates on tennis and parent orientation will be posted at a later date. Please complete your paperwork, on line, in the mean time. See information, located at the top of this page, for instructions.
Your school is making adjustments this year, so please contact your counselor with any class schedule questions. Feel free to email me with any questions at – Thanks Coach Johnson
Also, Tennis Facilites are still closed.

June, 2020
MIDDLE SCHOOL TENNIS will be located at the LHS Harmon campus. All players must have an updated Athletics physical AND PAPERWORK COMPLETED ON-LINE. See the top of this page for instruction on how to complete on line. Per LISD policy, no player will be allowed to play tennis without a physical. Please do NOT give your physicals to your school. Give to Coach Johnson.


(1). Please refer to the Media tab (above), then the documents tab for the UIL Eligibility Dates that each player must be passing all classes.  These dates are very important because a student will lose eligibility to play Tennis if he/she is failing on any of these dates.  A player is not allowed to fail classes two grade checks and stay in the Tennis Program.. An updated copy of dates for the 2020-21 school year will be posted in the handouts section August 2020.


(2).  All Tennis Players (all classes) will be required to do weekly grade checks. 

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